Hino Shunsuke

Hi, everyone. Here is yet another sequel to my previous articles, Hama Youhei and Morikawa Haruna. This time, though, I am going to focus on Hino Shunsuke, a.k.a. Yellow Turbo.

-) Shunsuke is a nice person, and he can be emotional at times. When Seelon’s foot is trapped, Shunsuke is the first to move and help her, though he ends up falling instead (episode 1). He also trusts Hyoma, the monster, because he experienced the same thing (episode 19). Moreover, he always comes to the ocean where he met his first love for the first time, just to keep the memory alive (episode 35).

-) Shunsuke is athletic, and he joints a gymnastic club (episode 8).


-) Shunsuke adores his junior, Yumi Sakakibara, because her flute always cheers him up (episode 8). We do not know what happens to them afterwards, but personally, I really wish they would become a couple, because they match each other perfectly.


-) Shunsuke seems to be poor. When he buys a new flute for Yumi, he tells her that the flute is from everyone, which means everyone has a share in buying the flute (episode 8). It is to be expected, however, because he is Yellow Turbo and he fights almost all the time. I do not think that he will have time to work part time.

-) Shunsuke is a responsible person. Yes, he makes mistakes, but he will clean up his mess afterwards (episode 14, episode 37).

-) Shunsuke loves children. He is the first one to notice that he dumps the broken plasma cannon nearby a group of children and rushes forward to take it back (episode 14). He also protects a group of children from Kirika’s attack, and it costs him his memory (episode 35). Moreover, he also takes notes when he visits a paper company, so he can show them to the children later (even though he does not understand the notes he takes himself) (episode 40).

-) Shunsuke has the most tragic story throughout the series. His little brother has passed away (episode 18), and his first love is actually Sayoko, who becomes his enemy now (episode 35). I will probably write more about this in a different article someday.

-) Shunsuke has a very childish personality (episode 23, episode 37). I am not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that Katagiri Jun’ichiro, who plays Shunsuke, is also the youngest among five, but I think this personality suits him very much, and he is pretty entertaining to watch.


That is all for today. I still have to write about Riki and Daichi, but I do not know when I will be able to write it. Anyway, I hope you, Shunsuke’s fans, will enjoy this article and thank you again for visiting this blog.

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Morikawa Haruna

Hi, everyone. Here is the sequel to the previous article, Hama Youhei. The only difference is, instead of Youhei, we are now going to talk about Morikawa Haruna, a.k.a. Pink Turbo in detail.

-) Haruna is a smart girl. She often figures out what’s wrong and comes up with solutions (episode 5, episode 12).

-) Haruna can be logical at times. She tells Riki to stop being “reckless” when they lose their power and cannot transform (episode 2). She also prefers to clean up a river by herself than dreams of a “Kaiju” to clean up the river for her (episode 5).

-) Pink Turbo may be strong, but Haruna is just an ordinary girl. Anytime she cannot transform, she always hides behind the guys. She also cannot run as fast or as far as the guys, so every now and then, the guys will have to grab her hand or run alongside her (episode 5, episode 12, episode 14-15, episode 22, and episode 25 to name a few). However, there are also times when Haruna acts strong and becomes a heroine for the guys instead (episode 24, episode 45).

-) Haruna can get jealous at times. She pushes the guys when they drool as they watch their friend and his girlfriend walk away (episode 6). She must be upset, because here she is, the only girl in the team, and yet, none of the guys pays attention to her.


-) Haruna is bad at rock-paper-scissors (episode 11). Either that or she is just plain unlucky.


-) Even though Haruna spends most of her time with guys, she still hangs out with her friends and does girly things, such as shopping and gossiping (episode 12).

-) Haruna is single, and she does not seem to have love interest yet (episode 12), though she seemed to have a first love in the past (episode 16). Nonetheless, she envies her friend, Yoko, and dreams to have a boyfriend someday. She also seems to be interested in becoming a bride, because she looks very happy when Seelon gives her a Kimono and turns her into a bride (episode 12).

-) Haruna is a cheerleader, and she is good at playing her baton (episode 13, episode 36). She also uses her skills to fight as Pink Turbo with her weapon, W stick.


-) Haruna is a nice girl and she seems to enjoy Youhei’s jokes, as long as she is not the victim (episode 13). However, anytime Youhei’s jokes have crossed the line, she will not hesitate to ignore him (episode 16) or hit him (episode 41). Nonetheless, she never goes as far as hating him for good. Anytime Youhei is in danger, she seems to be genuinely concerned about him (episode 16, episode 42). She may also realize that deep down, Youhei still cares about her (episode 19). The same thing happens when Mika attacks Haruna and causes her to lose her bracelet. Even though Haruna is upset about it, she never really hates her for it (episode 36).


-) Haruna is afraid of frogs (episode 14) and ghosts (episode 22).

-) Haruna is a smart and bright student, as indicated by Ms. Yamaguchi (episode 16). It also seems that everyone likes her, adores her, and looks up to her (episode 30).

-) Haruna is good at sports. She plays volleyball (episode 19), she is athletic (episode 36), and she rides a motorcycle (episode 19, episode 21), so we know that at least, she is good at cycling.

-) Haruna is good at acting. She uses this skill to deceive Zuluten and rescue Youhei (episode 19). She also gets the lead role of the school’s act “Cinderella” (episode 30).


-) Haruna is easily embarrassed. When Daichi’s loincloth falls down, she turns her back immediately, while Ms. Yamaguchi does not seem to have any problem with it at all (episode 20).

-) Haruna is an animal lover (episode 24, episode 45). I mentioned a little about this in my previous article, Animal Lovers in Turborangers.



-) Haruna is a curious girl. She separates herself from the guys, so she can enjoy the artworks in the museum by herself. She also spends an extra time to evaluate when she finds something that catches her eyes (episode 37). She also jumps into the fairy gate without thinking about the consequences afterwards (episode 45).

-) Haruna is a responsible person and she never gives up. She will not let others clean up her mess. Instead, she will take the responsibility and fight until the end (episode 45).


That is all for today. If I miss anything, I will update the article in the future. I will also do my best to write about the other three rangers, but I cannot promise anything, because there are more articles concerning Youhei and Haruna I want to write, and I want to focus on them first.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the article and thank you for visiting this blog.

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Hama Youhei

Hi, everyone. For today’s article, I will talk more about Hama Youhei, a.k.a. Blue Turbo in detail. Well, I am planning to make the same article for all the rangers, but I will probably start from Hama Youhei and Morikawa Haruna, because they are my two favorite rangers 😄

Anyway, below are the facts we know concerning Hama Youhei/Blue Turbo:

-) Youhei is the class’ clown, and he does not seem to take the lesson seriously (episode 1). He even teases his teacher during her class (episode 13). Actually, he does not just tease her during the class. Rather, he will tease her anytime he finds an opportunity to do so (episode 16).

-) Youhei is good at swimming, and he joins a swimming club (episode 7).


-) Youhei is easily attracted to girls (episode 7, episode 26, episode 32). He is also the only one who drools as he watches the hula dancers (episode 23). Personally, I do not think that he is a playboy, but this is not true love either.

-) Youhei is good with children (episode 9, episode 39, episode 44). He teaches children how to swim, and it is easy for him to interact with them.

-) Youhei can be a little impatient. Even though he knows that the plasma cannon weapon is still in construction, he asks Shunsuke to keep him company and steal the cannon without Dr. Dazai’s permission (episode 14). However, Youhei is also a responsible person, as he agrees to clean up his mess until the end.

-) Youhei can be a gentleman sometimes. He often cares about Haruna to the point that he will even risk his life (episode 15, episode 19, episode 45). He also does the same to one of his schoolmates who adores him, though he saves her in Kuwata’s form and does not get the credit in the end (episode 32). However, Youhei can also be a jerk at times. He teases girls like no others (his victims are usually his teacher, Ms. Yamaguchi, and his teammate, Haruna). He also laughes at Haruna when Haruna’s hair is in mess and asks Seelon’s age without any consideration (episode 41).


-) Youhei is terrified of jet coasters (episode 16).

-) Youhei seems to be poor. When Misa-chan asks him to buy toys, he tells her that he does not have money either (episode 16). In the end, he can only buy her the panda plush toy. It is to be expected, however, because he is Blue Turbo and he fights almost all the time. I doubt he will have time to work part time.


-) Youhei is a mastermind when it comes to disguises. He comes up with a disguise to fool Yuurei Boma (episode 22), and it is most likely that he is also the one who comes up with the Samurai disguise (episode 4) and the wedding disguise (episode 12).


-) Youhei can be logical at times. He tries to convince Ms. Yamaguchi that Nagareboshi Hikaru is a bad guy (episode 21). Moreover, he does not believe that dogs can understand people either (episode 24), though I am sure he changes his mind in the end. However, even though he does not believe that dogs can understand people, he believes that Kuro (the horse) can understand Daisuke-kun’s feeling (episode 9).

-) Youhei is the school’s prince charming. He attracts girls wherever he goes (episode 32).

-) Youhei is a good artist. He draws a whole picture book about how to swim for Toshio-kun (episode 39). With this talent, he might even be a real artist after he graduates.

-) Even though Youhei is handsome and good at sports, he is not a bully. Rather, he is the first one to rush toward Ken’ichi when he fails to jump the block (episode 42). He also saves Ken’ichi when he is attacked by Zuluten.


That is all for today. If I miss anything, I will update the article in the future.

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Why Morikawa Haruna?

Hi, everyone. How are you doing?

Before I share today’s article, I would like to apologize for the lack of update, but I still thank you for visiting this blog.

Anyway, today, I would like to write about Morikawa Haruna, again. This time, I want to focus on the reasons why I love her so much. I mentioned a little about this in my previous article, My Favorite Super Sentai Heroines, but I want to expand this topic a little more and give more details, so here we go.

-) The first and most obvious reason why I love Morikawa Haruna is because she is beautiful and cute. I love her when she smiles and laughs, but I also love her when she cries or pouts. In short, no matter what kind of expression she makes, I still love her.


-) Another reason why I love Haruna is because she is kind and cares about people. Take episode 5 for example. Haruna noticed two children and their grandfather cleaning up a river as she passed by, and she came closer to help them. She could have walked away, but she did not.


-) The third reason is because Haruna is not afraid to express her feeling. When she is scared, she will not hesitate to show it. For example, when a frog stepped on her foot (episode 15), she just screamed without hesitating, despite of the dangerous situation they were in at the moment. Another example is when she just jumped to the fairy gate (episode 45) without considering first whether or not the gate was a trap.

-) Haruna is also a responsible person. Take episode 45 for example. She knew that she caused troubles to her comrades when she found out that the fairy gate was just a trap after all. Even though Daichi, Youhei, and Shunsuke did not mind fighting in her place, Haruna would not take their offer. Instead, she fought Hitotsume Boma by herself until the end.


Well, that is it for today. Thank you again for visiting this blog, and see you next time with another article.

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Happy Earth Day!

Hi, guys. How are you all doing? I hope everyone is fine (^-^)

As you might have noticed, it’s been more than a year since the last time I updated this blog! I’m so sorry for the lack of updates, but my real life is getting kind of hectic, to the point that I can’t neglect it anymore. I wish I could have more times to update this blog, but sadly, I can’t.

However, as most of you have probably noticed, today is the Earth day! And you know what it means… I just can’t skip this day without writing an article, considering how highly related this day is to Turborangers.

Having said that, on behalf of our heroes, I would like to present to you some ways you can do to protect the Earth. Please remember that the possibility is endless. I’m just listing the ones I can think of here, but you can certainly do many more ways than one. The bottom line is, let’s protect our Earth together! 😉

– – – – –

Riki: “The way to protect the Earth? Hm… why don’t you talk to your parents or teachers, and ask them what possibilities do they have for you? Sharing your ideas with grown-ups is the simplest way you can do to help the Earth. Suppose, you have an idea, but you don’t know how to execute it. Your parents, teachers, and friends can help you! Don’t be shy to share your idea with others. Remember, many hands make light work. Good luck!”


Daichi: “One way to protect the Earth is by exercising. Why don’t you try to skip driving a car once in a while for a change? If your destination is not really far, you can ride a bicycle instead, jog, or even walk. The good news is, not only do you get to exercise, but you can also look around your neighborhood. One more thing, ask your friends to ride, run, or walk with you. Remember, running with friends is much more fun than running by yourself. Believe me, I know!”


Yohei: “You ask me for an advice? That’s easy! You can clean up your backyard, neighborhood, or even the beach. For example, you can pick up after yourselves or others. Look around you, and you’ll probably find something to pick up. Ask your friends to help you clean a bigger area. You’ll feel good when you’re done.”


Shunsuke: “Do you like kids? Me too! My advice is to gather up some children in your neighborhood and teach them about the Earth. Remember, these are kids we’re talking about, so don’t make them bored before you even start. Try to gather up some materials beforehand, such as children books or videos. Make it as entertaining as you know how! Don’t forget that we’re all a kid at heart. Don’t be their teacher. Be their friend!”

Haruna: “My advice is for you to care for our animal friends. You don’t need to do a dangerous thing that could cost you your life like I did when I saved the puppy, but you can certainly do what you can do. For example, you can help your neighbor walk their dogs or sit their pets if your neighbor is away. You can also volunteer to care for the school’s pets. If you can’t do any of those, but you have your own pet, the simplest thing you can do is just love them. Please remember that animals have feelings like us. If you love them, they’ll certainly response to it.”


Professor Dazai: “As an inventor, my advice is simple and straightforward – recycle. I invented environment-friendly cars for the Turborangers, and you can certainly do it too! Uhm, maybe not a car, but you can definitely recycle some things and turn them into something new! The possibility is endless, but the most important thing is… have fun!”

– – – – –

So, those are just but a few suggestions from our beloved heroes. Like the professor said, “The possibility is endless,” so what you’re planning to do is up to you. But remember, the most important thing is to have fun. Good luck, everyone!

Youhei’s Wardrobes

I’ve been wanting to write this article, but I didn’t have time to do it until now! Anyway, here we go…

-) School Uniforms. The clothes he wears in school. These include his regular uniforms, swimming suits, and sport attires.

  • Winter uniform: Long-sleeve white shirt, long-sleeve black blazer, red tie, black pants, white socks, black shoes.
  • Summer uniform: Short-sleeve white shirt, red tie, black pants, white socks, black shoes.
  • Sport uniform 1: White long-sleeve jog suit, long blue sweat pants, white socks, white shoes.
  • Sport uniform 2: White short-sleeve T-shirt, short white pants, white socks, white shoes.
  • Swim suit.

-) Blue Uniforms. The clothes he wears out of school.

  • Winter version: White long-sleeve sweater, blue long-sleeve jacket, white pants, white socks, white shoes.

  • Summer version: White & blue lines long-sleeve shirt, white pants, white socks, white shoes.

-) Blue Turbo Uniform. The one he wears on the battle.

-) Others. The rest of the clothes that haven’t been listed.

  • Jog suit: Blue long-sleeve shirt, blue pants, white socks, white shoes.
  • Swimsuit.

I guess those are all. If I miss anything, I’ll update it again in the future (^-^)

– – – – –

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Youhei’s Disguises

The second part of this article. I’ll try to do all the 5 rangers as time goes by, though it might be difficult, since Daichi and Shunsuke do not have a lot of them. But for now, let’s all focus on Youhei’s.

Actually, in terms of disguise, Super Sentai heroes are not supposed to have a lot of them, because girls tend to be the one who does the disguise part, but in Turboranger, it seems that the boys get as many disguise portion as Haruna.

  • Episode 4 – Samurai

Youhei looks so cute in this disguise (^-^), though he always looks cute no matter what cloth he’s wearing. He wears this disguise to trick Jamin into thinking that he’s one of the hypnotized people.

  • Episode 12.1 – Tuxedo

He wears this, so he can get in to a wedding ceremony and lure Tameiki Boma out.

  • Episode 12.2 – A temple kimono

I’m not sure how I should explain this one. This kimono looks similar to the one a high ranked guy wore during the Heian period, but for this episode, it seems that the kimono is usually worn by a guy who approves one’s marriage.

  • Episode 16 – A panda bear Youhei

Well, this is not a disguise, obviously (^^; but Youhei looks SO cute and innocent wearing it. The panda is even there when he transforms. I wonder what happens to the panda after Yamaguchi-sensei is transformed back. Does he give it to her nonetheless? Does he give it to someone else? Or could it be that he keeps it for himself?

  • Episode 22 – Ghost

Youhei actually comes out with this idea. Though the disguise looks silly, I think it’s really smart. At least his trick works 😉

  • Episode 32 – Kuwata/Youhei

I know this is not a disguise, but hey, Asakura-san (who plays Youhei) is still the person who plays Kuwata. So I include it nonetheless.

– – – – –

I think that’s it. I hope I didn’t miss anything. If I did, please tell me and I will update this article again in the future.

Thank you for visiting this blog and see you again (^-^)/

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Animal Lovers in Turborangers

Hi, everyone~

It’s not usual that I can update my blog this often, but I better write as many articles as I can now, since I’m not sure I’ll have more leisure time in the future.

Anyway, today, I want to cover something that I’ve been dying to write since last year – the animal lovers in Turboranger (^-^)
As an animal lover myself, this article is really precious to me, and it’s really fun to write. I hope you all will like it too.

  • Morikawa Haruna

Let’s start with Haruna, since it’s pretty obvious that she’s an animal lover. On episode 24, she is almost hit by a car just to save a puppy, and she doesn’t even care about her wound. She’s more concerned about the puppy’s wound instead.

Moreover, on episode 45, she picks up the baby rabbit she finds inside the fairy gate very gently and pats it. She also puts it down gently, despite of the dangerous situation she’s in at the moment.

However, just like most girls, no matter how much she loves mammalians, she still hates bugs and amphibians, it seems, since she’s afraid of frogs (^_^;
Even so, I don’t think she has the heart to kill them. I think she just doesn’t want to go near them.

Anyway, that makes me wonder… Is Iwaya Yoshiko, the person who plays Haruna, an animal lover too? And is she also afraid of frogs in real life? (^^;

  • Daisuke-kun

The boy who appears on episode 9 and the owner of the black horse, Kuro (which also means black). It’s obvious that there’s a special connection between him and Kuro, since he feels so lost and lonely when Kuro is hypnotized and horse-napped by a Boma beast.

Luckily, his love towards Kuro is deep enough to undo his spell. I guess animals do know who loves them genuinely and who loves them for his own advantages only.

  • Hiroshi-kun and his family

Appear on episode 5. They are a nice family who are willing to volunteer and clean the river nearby.

Actually, I’m not sure if I can include them in this article, since they only clean the river for the sake of their grandfather, who wishes to see fish swimming in the river like the old times.
If it wasn’t for their grandfather, I don’t know if they would still clean the river. Well, they most likely would, but there was no guarantee, was there?

  • Nagareboshi Hikaru

The owner of 2 pets, his loyal spider and Dragras, a bat-like monster. Most of you will probably not include him as an animal lover, since he never shows his affection to his pets throughout the series, but the fact that both of his pets are willing to die in his place proves that his animals love him so much.

Animals who return the favor are those who are loved by their owner, and I’m sure the spider and Dragras can see that deep within, Hikaru is a nice guy.

  • Honoo Riki

I kind of feel guilty putting the leader in the end (^^; , but it can’t be helped, since there is no exact episode that shows him as an animal lover.

I just include him because on episode 24, he talks to the puppy Haruna saves. A true animal lover believes that animals can understand what he’s talking about.

– – – – –

I guess that’s all for today. If I miss anyone, please kindly tell me about it and I’ll update this article in the future (^-^)

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Haruna’s Wardrobes II

Hi, everyone (^-^)

お久しぶりです – long time no see!
I’m so sorry for the lack of updates, but as I said before, I’ve been busy with a lot of projects and other stuff that I barely have time to update this blog, despite of the fact that I’ve prepared some interesting articles to share with you (x_x)

Anyway, today’s article is not something new, as this is a sequel to my previous article, Haruna’s Wardrobes.
The only difference is this time, I’m using my game character on Ameba Pico to create the Haruna character (^.^)
Actually, because I love Haruna so much, my character is named after her too! So I thought… why don’t I dress her like Haruna? It just suits her after all!

So… after a lot of shopping and researching, here’s the result. I apologize in advance if most of them do not look exactly like the real one, but on my defense, the game does not have exactly the same clothes as her (of course), so I only bought and used the closest one.

– – – – –

-) Let’s start with Haruna’s winter suit first, which includes a white shirt, white skirt, white shoes, pink jacket, and pink socks.

Sadly to say, I couldn’t find a pink jacket everywhere in the game, so I have to use brown… 残念! (>_<)

-) Haruna’s summer suit. It includes a pink shirt, square-pattern pants, pink socks, and white shoes.

Honestly, I’m not satisfied with this one at all (>_<)
First, I couldn’t find a pink shirt, so I have to use the line-pattern one. Second, I also couldn’t find square-pattern pants, so I have to change it to a skirt. And again, no socks, because I couldn’t find it either (- -“)

-) Haruna’s jog suit. This one is pretty much similar with the real one, so I’m happy (^.^)

-) Haruna’s swim suit. I couldn’t find a one-piece swimsuit at all, so I have to go with a two-piece bikini (^^;
But let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to see Haruna in bikini? :p

-) Haruna’s pink in black. I couldn’t find the red scarf, so I skipped it (^_^;

-) Haruna’s cheerleader uniform. Not exactly alike, but it’s close. I picked the red one, just like the real Haruna (^-^)

-) Haruna in costume – pink kimono.

-) Haruna in costume – a miko uniform.

-) Haruna in costume – Cinderella. In the movie, Haruna is supposed to wear a golden dress, but since I couldn’t find it, I use the blue one instead, like Disney’s Cinderella.

– – – – –

I guess that’s it for now. See you next time and thank you for visiting (^-^)/

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Happy Birthday, Katagiri Junichiro!

Hi again, everyone (^-^)
As I said yesterday, I’m updating another article today, because… today is a special day!

And what day is it? It’s Katagiri Junichiro’s (a.k.a Hino Shunsuke – Yellow Turbo) birthday!

Happy Birthday, Katagiri-san!

I’m sure you’ve enjoyed your big day with friends and family. No matter where you are and what you do, I hope this message will reach you somehow (^-^)
And I’m sure there are TONS of birthday wishes from your fans anywhere too~

By the way, Katagiri’s birthday marks the last birthday of the five rangers, so there will be no more birthday wishes this year (^_^;
What’s funny is the fact that he’s also the youngest of the five, so date wise and age wise, he’s the last one of all. Interesting, isn’t it?

Well, then, see you, everyone.
I’ll probably update this blog again next month, but not sure. Let’s see…

– – – – –

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