Most Favorite Episodes

Hi, everyone. Today, I would like to discuss five of my absolute favorite Turboranger episodes. Needless to say, all the five episodes I choose are focused on either Youhei or Haruna, because they are my favorite rangers. However, before we get to it, I just want to remind you that I wrote similar articles years ago, when I talked about my favorite Super Sentai heroines and Super Sentai heroes. You are welcome to check them out if you want to know which heroines and heroes are my favorites.

Anyway, here are my top five favorite episodes:

1. Episode 19 – “Boma Tribe Haruna”

This episode is a definite no-brainer. I absolutely love this episode, and I have watched it countless times. It is not even exaggerating to say that this episode is the episode I watch most often. You may have also noticed that I use this episode a lot as an example in my previous articles. I mean, how could I not love it? This episode tells a story of Youhei and Haruna wrapped in one. Sure, Youhei only lies in bed most of the time, but still, the relationship between Youhei and Haruna is very sweet here, and as one of those who ship them, it is impossible for me to not love this episode. Having said that, this episode has easily landed on my top five favorites, and it has even earned the top spot.


2. Episode 15 – “Fire the V-Turbo Bazooka”

The second episode I love. Story wise, I am not really interested in it, but one little scene I noticed from this episode has stolen my heart, and for that reason, I could easily put this episode very high up on the list. What scene? It is the one when the five rangers cannot transform, and Youhei holds Haruna’s hand as they run away from Yamimaru and Kobu Boma. Youhei could easily leave Haruna behind and run with the other guys, but he does not. Rather, he grabs Haruna’s hand and runs alongside her, so she will not get left behind. This scene may be small, and it is not easy to notice (as I also missed it the first time I watched it), but as shipper of Youhei and Haruna, this little scene means a lot to me. For that reason, this episode has easily earned the second spot.

3. Episode 39 – “Walk! Child of Shikoku”

Again, another Youhei-centered episode. But what makes me love this episode is not simply because Youhei is the main character here. I like this episode, because in here, we can see Youhei’s talent in drawing. It is nice to see a little detail like this throughout the series. Unfortunately, among the five rangers, only Youhei’s talent and hobby get exposed. Anyway, another reason I love this episode is because I like to draw children book like Youhei, and it is nice to see that my favorite character has the same hobby as mine.

4. Episode 16 – “The Teacher Who Became a Child”

Yet another Youhei-centered episode. Sorry, I just like Youhei so much that I cannot get enough of him. It is a pity that the Turboranger episodes have to be divided equally among the five rangers. I wish we could have all the episodes centered in Youhei and Haruna alone, but that would not be fair for the other rangers and their fans, I guess. Anyway, I do not like the fact that the rangers’ teacher, Ms. Yamaguchi, is the main character here, but I do like the scene when Youhei teases Haruna.


5. Episode 45 – “Ragorn’s Counterattack”

The reason is simple. This is a Haruna-centered episode, and there are two scenes that win my heart here. First, the moment Haruna plays with the baby rabbits, and second, the moment Youhei steals the bracelet from Haruna’s hand. I mean, come on, the scene when Haruna plays with the rabbits is just too cute, and the scene when Youhei steals the bracelet from Haruna is just so sweet. This episode may not be my first favorite, but it has at least landed on the top five.



So, that is all for today. As you can see, all the episodes I love are either focused on Youhei or Haruna, but it is what it is. I wonder what your favorite episodes are? Anyway, thank you for visiting, and see you again next time!

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Mistakes of Violent Demon Tribes

Hi, everyone. Today, I would like to switch gear and talk about the villain instead of the hero. Even though it is obvious that a hero will always win in super hero movies, I still think that a villain could overcome the hero if they were smarter and more strategic. Turboranger is not an exception. Throughout the series, I have found some mistakes that cost the villain big time. All these failures could easily be avoided if their strategy was well thought. Anyway, here are some mistakes they make that I have found thus far:

-) Unlike Megaranger, the villains in Turboranger never attack the five rangers at night, when they were fast asleep. In Megaranger, there is at least one episode when the heroes have to wake up at night, and they even come to their base in their pajamas. Moreover, apart from episode 1, the villains in Turboranger never attack them during their school period. Attacking the opponent when they are least expected is one of the best strategies, but the Violent Demon Tribes have never done this throughout the whole series. Instead of surprise-attacking the five rangers when they are sleeping or studying, the Violent Demon Tribes always wait for them until they finish their school, and they attack them during the day. With this kind of attitude, it is not a surprise that they are never able to defeat Turborangers.

-) Lack of friendship. It seems that the Violent Demon Tribes only group themselves together, because they have the same goal, that is, to defeat Turborangers and rule the world. However, flocking themselves together does not mean that they are friends to each other. Instead, they will use any means necessary to fulfill their goal, even if it means that they have to betray their own “friend” or use them as a “tool.” In this case, Zuluten has often become a victim. Not only does he become a ride for Jamin, but he also becomes a slave for Yamimaru and Kirika.

Moreover, we have seen so many betrayals in the Violent Demon Tribes. Take Yamimaru for example. He only serves Lagorn as part of his plan. On the other hand, Lagorn only treats his subjects as pawns. The moment they prove themselves useless, Lagorn will not hesitate to punish them or even eliminate them. In my opinion, this is not a healthy relationship. Once your team is divided, you will never win. No matter how strong they are, if they do not work together, they will always lose. To be honest, I can say that the Violent Demon Tribes are not necessarily weak. If they work together, I am sure Turboranger will have a hard time fighting them and winning from them. Unfortunately, the Violent Demon Tribes are too selfish, and they do not work together. This has cost them their victory throughout the whole series.


-) The villains in Turboranger are too naive and foolish, especially Zuluten. If you have decided that you are going to be a villain, you will have to be ready to be mean, strict, violent, and “rotten to the core.” If you are still being nice, naive, and foolish like Zuluten, you do not have the requirement to be a true villain. Consider episode 19 for example. When Haruna gets stung by Modoku Boma and begs Zuluten for the antidote, he runs toward her without any suspicion and gives the antidote to her without hesitating at all. If I were Zuluten, I would let Haruna die without mercy. If Haruna died, Youhei would also die, and defeating the rest of Turborangers would be a piece of cake. Zuluten was very close to winning the battle here, but due to his naivity, Turboranger had once again obtained the victory.


Another naive villain is Dororo Boma (episode 16). He easily tells Misa concerning his magatama secret, even though he knows that Misa has his blue magatama. Had he not done this, Misa would not have told Youhei about it, and Ms. Yamaguchi would not have returned to her original form. This would have devastated Turborangers, and in the end, it would have been easy for the Violent Demon Tribes to destroy the five rangers. Again, his naivity costs him his victory. Dororo Boma is not just naive, but he is also a big mouth.

That is all for today. I am sure there are still more mistakes made by the Violent Demon Tribes along the way, but I will update this article in the future. Thank you for visiting and see you again!

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Youhei and Haruna III

Hi, everyone. It has been a while. Today, I want to talk more about Youhei and Haruna. This is yet another sequel to my previous articles, Youhei and Haruna and Youhei and Haruna II. However, for this article, instead of talking about why Youhei and Haruna are suitable for each other, I want to talk about those moments in the series when Youhei does not seem to care about Haruna. In short, it is the moments when he teases her, makes fun of her, or laughs at her. We can also say that these moments are the opposite of the previous articles, and these may be the reason why people ship Haruna with Riki instead of Youhei. However, even with these “unfavorable” moments, I still believe that Youhei cares about Haruna, and he is still my number one choice to end up with her.

Now, let us see those moments in details:

-) When Youhei asks Haruna about her first love, but he cuts her out before she has a chance to answer him, makes fun of her, saying that she has never fallen in love in her life, and laughs at her (episode 16). It is no secret that Youhei is a joker and a teaser, so Haruna is not his only victim, but I still do not like it anytime Youhei does this to Haruna. On the other hand, I feel like teasing is one way to show how much you care about someone. If Youhei acted like a gentleman all the time, that would make me scared instead. I think being a teaser is part of Youhei, and that is what makes him unique. Even after he dates and/or marries Haruna, I still want him to tease her once in a while.


-) When Youhei laughs at Haruna as she talks to a dog (episode 24). To be honest, I do not like this scene either. I think this episode is one of the episodes that I watch least often, just because I hate it anytime Youhei laughs at Haruna, especially when it comes to animals, because like Haruna, I am also an animal lover, and I also believe that dogs can understand people. It is a good thing, however, that Youhei learns from his mistake in the end. I believe that by the time this episode is over, Youhei has changed his mind, and he too, has finally believed that dogs can understand people. Not everyone has to share the same opinion, though, so I respect Youhei’s opinion, which is why I still ship him with Haruna, despite of this episode. Besides, if Youhei finally dates/marries Haruna, they may have a puppy together, and then, he can learn the value of animals in his life.


-) When Youhei laughs at Haruna as her hair gets messed up on Seelon’s birthday (episode 41). This is the scene I hate the most, and honestly, anytime I watch this episode, I will skip this scene, because Youhei is way too mean and insensitive here. I know that Youhei is not the only one who laughs at Haruna, but he is the one who laughs the loudest. However, just because someone is a couple, it does not mean that they cannot laugh at each other. On the other hand, if someone laughs at their partner, it may mean that they are comfortable with each other that they can even laugh at them without making their partner angry or offended. Similarly, Haruna is not offended with Youhei at all here. Instead of being offended concerning her hair, she gets angry because Youhei asks Seelon’s age without any consideration. This means that Youhei and Haruna are very comfortable with each other that Haruna does not even mind being teased/laughed at by Youhei. She must realize that no matter how insensitive Youhei is, he still cares about her so much that he is even willing to risk his life for her (episode 19).


So, that is all for today. I am sure I still have plenty more to talk about Youhei and Haruna, but we will save it for another day. See you again!

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Ship in Turboranger

Hi, everyone. Today, I would like to talk about ship in Turboranger. Who is your favorite ship? With whom do you ship Haruna? With whom do you ship the guys if it is not Haruna? Perhaps, you fancy Youhei and Rin together? Or Youhei and Risa? That is a good one! At any rate, since “romance” is not the main theme in Turboranger, we all have the freedom to make our own ship, but for this article, I want to focus on whom I will ship Haruna with.

As we all know, the most popular ship for Haruna is either Haruna-Riki or Haruna-Youhei. I have never seen anyone pair Haruna with Daichi or Shunsuke before. Or maybe I have, but it is very rare that I have forgotten about it. Personally, however, I like to ship Haruna with Youhei, and if you know me, I am sure you already know about this. If, by any means, Haruna does not end up with Youhei, my second option will be Haruna and Daichi. Yes, you heard me. I do not ship Haruna and Riki. I never have, and I do not think that I ever will. To me, Riki is not the right person for Haruna, and I will explain it in the future. For now, I will explain why I want Haruna to be with either Youhei or Daichi, but since this article is going to be long, I might have to divide this article into several parts. For today, I am going to focus on Haruna-Youhei.


Anyway, as you may have noticed, I already wrote about Youhei and Haruna before (part 1, part 2), so today, I am just going to expand it a little more. As I am writing this article, however, it seems that I have got an idea for another Youhei and Haruna article, so please look forward to it.


Concerning Haruna and Youhei ship, I think episode 19 explains it all. Among the four rangers, only Youhei is willing to lose his life to protect Haruna. I do not think we need a better explanation than this. If Youhei did not love Haruna or care about her so much, why would he do what he did? Look at Youhei. He is a joker, a class clown, and a teaser. Anytime he has an opportunity to tease Haruna, he will. It may seem impossible for someone like Youhei to actually sacrifice himself for someone, but he did, and that someone is Haruna. Ever since I watched this episode, I know Youhei is the one I want to end up with Haruna, and this feeling has not changed until now. Besides, as I mentioned earlier, Youhei is a joker and the class clown, while Haruna is the student body president. They are completely the opposite, which means, they can complete each other.


This is all for today. I will talk about Haruna-Daichi, Haruna-Riki, and Haruna-Shunsuke in the future (no particular order here), but I might insert some different articles in between. All will depend on my mood, heheh.

Anyway, thank you for visiting and see you again!

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Female Empowerment in Turboranger

Hi, everyone. Today, I want to focus on female empowerment in Turboranger. While female empowerment is being encouraged these days, this was definitely a rare case back then, especially in 1989 Japan, when Turboranger was aired. Consider all the Super Sentai series that were aired before and after Turboranger. Most of them still treated women like a “trophy,” and their role as a female was often overshadowed by the guys. However, in Turboranger, the female roles, especially that of Haruna, is very strong and she is definitely not overshadowed by the guys, even though she is the only female in the team.

These are some points I would like to emphasize to strengthen my point:

-) Haruna is not just a man’s “trophy.” Even though she has a beautiful physical appearance, she does not have a boyfriend or love interest (episode 12). Moreover, Haruna does not “disguise” herself as often as other female sentais, such as Goggle Pink or Oh-Yellow and Oh-Pink. Even if she disguises herself, Haruna’s disguise is usually manly and not attractive. Consider the moment when she dresses up as a samurai (episode 4), a motorcycle rider (episode 19), and a bitter ghost (episode 22). The cutest disguise she wears is probably when she turns into a bride (episode 12), but even this disguise is not “sexy,” and it does not expose her body. Moreover, she only turns into a bride for a few short minutes, and this disguise is only to fool the monster, not to show off.




-) There is no bath-scene in Turboranger. Anytime Haruna jumps to the water, she always wears something, be it her school uniform, her after school clothes, or a swimsuit. We cannot find a single scene of her taking a shower like Deka Pink.


-) There is no “damsel-in-distress” scene, where Haruna is kidnapped, tied up, or taken as a hostage, except when she is taken by Zuluten by force (episode 19), but she does this on purpose to fool Zuluten and get the antidote for Youhei. This is very different from the Super Sentai series that come before or after Turboranger like Blue Dolphin, Dai Pink, Oh-Pink, and Time Pink. In Turboranger, we cannot find such a scene. The only moment where Haruna is in distress is probably when she gets locked up in a cage, but at least she is not kidnapped or tied up. There is actually the time where she gets tied up with a chain, but she is not alone. Rather, all the five rangers are chained up, so this scene does not count as “damsel-in-distress.”

-) Haruna is as powerful and helpful as the guys. Consider how many times she saves the boys from danger (episode 5, episode 19, episode 45). While it may be true that she is weaker and slower than them (especially when she is in her human form), she always does her best and works hard until the end. She even refuses the guys’ offer to clean up her mess (episode 45). As long as she can do it, she will fight on her own. She is truly a heroine.




Apart from Haruna, we can also see the “female empowerment” theme in Jamin and Kirika, although their roles are probably not as strong as Haruna, as they still care about romance. However, we can see how strong these two women are, and they can definitely fight like men do. They are even stronger than Zuluten that he is willing to become their ride and slave.

So, that is my review on “female empowerment” in Turboranger. I was really surprised with how open-minded everyone who worked on this series was. This series definitely shows how strong and empowering women can be, and I truly appreciate it.

Anyway, if I miss anything, I will update this article in the future. See you again next time!

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Ranking and Updates II

Hi, everyone. It has been a while since my update on ranking, so I thought I would do it again. This time, the top nine countries that visit my blog are quite different from the last one. However, Japan and Philippines are still high on the list, so I know there are many Super Sentai fans over there, especially Turboranger. At any rate, I would like to thank everyone who has visited this blog. It means a lot to me, and I really appreciate it!


One more update I would like to mention is, in case you have not noticed, I have removed the “日本語” (Japanese) section from this blog, because I have not updated it for a while. Once I have a chance to work more on it, I will put it back up. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Anyway, that is all for now. There is no new article today, but I am preparing a number of interesting articles, so please look forward to them.

Thank you again for everything, and see you next time!

Yamagata Daichi

Hi, everyone. Today, I am going to continue to focus on each ranger, and this time, it is Yamagata Daichi‘s turn, a.k.a. Black Turbo. Daichi also marks the last ranger I will have to cover, so after this, I can definitely write about something new. Before we proceed, however, I would like to give you the links to the other rangers, so you can just click on them if you want to read about each ranger respectively: Honoo Riki, Hama Youhei, Hino Shunsuke, Morikawa Haruna. Anyway, let us get started now.

-) Daichi loves to run. I do not think that he is the fastest among the five rangers (Kousoku Sentai Turboranger the Movie), but he definitely is the one who can run the longest (episode 4). When his friends get tired and give up, Daichi leaves them behind and keeps running by himself. However, in the end, Daichi learns that it is more fun to run with his friends than by himself.


-) Daichi is a hard-worker. Even when he cannot transform, he will not give up. Rather, he will do his best to find a solution to every problem he encounters (episode 4, episode 15, episode 17, episode 20, episode 34, episode 40).



-) Daichi is very strict and straightforward. He does not want people to mess with him. If this happens, he will deal with that person severely without hesitating. Consider the moment he throws the calipers to the blackboard when Hikaru tries to attack Daichi with them (episode 13). Daichi is also the one who slaps Youhei when Youhei is being stubborn about hanging out with Rin, despite of the fact that she is part of Boma Tribes (episode 26).

-) Daichi does not speak in Tokyo dialect like the other rangers do (episode 19). This is probably because the actor who plays Daichi, Ganaha Yoshiaki, comes from Okinawa, so his character also speaks in Okinawa dialect.

-) Daichi can be shy sometimes. Consider the moment when he is forced to wear only a loincloth by Hikaru (episode 20).


-) Daichi can be funny sometimes (episode 23), and he seems to enjoy Youhei’s jokes (episode 13, episode 16).

-) Daichi does not seem to be interested in women (episode 23), and it is most likely that he has never had a girlfriend before. Having said that, he seems to have a problem interacting with girls, to the point that he does not act like a gentleman. For example is when he brings a frog closer to Haruna, even though he knows that Haruna is terrified with it (episode 14). It also seems that Yukari’s kiss takes him by surprise, which could mean that he has never experienced it before (episode 34). However, Daichi is an ordinary boy after all, because in the end, he still enjoys the kiss. Moreover, he also looks jealous when his friend, Koichi, walks away with his girlfriend, Yuki (episode 6), so it is most likely that he also desires a girlfriend.

-) Daichi is both loyal and emotional (episode 28). He gets very sad and devastated when his vehicle, Turbo Truck, is almost destroyed, but he will never give it up. Rather, he will fight until the end, and his persistence gives him a sweet result.

-) Daichi is both kind and smart (episode 40). He takes pity on Wataridori Boma when he begs Daichi for mercy, even though it is easy for Daichi to just defeat him. On the other hand, Daichi is smart enough to realize that he has been tricked by Wataridori Boma, so he plays along with his scheme, while coming up with a plan to counterattack him.


That is all for today. See you again next time!

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Honoo Riki

Hi, everyone. Here is another sequel to my previous articles, Hama Youhei, Hino Shunsuke, and Morikawa Haruna. I wrote these articles last year, and yes, it has been a long time. However, I have not forgotten about it, so before I keep postponing it any longer, I better get on to it and write about it now.

For today’s article, we are going to focus on Honoo Riki, a.k.a. Red Turbo.

-) Riki is a typical lazy student, who does not pay attention to his teacher’s lecture (episode 1) and gets awful grades (episode 3), which is why his teacher, Ms. Yamaguchi, always targets him.

-) Riki is a natural leader (episode 1, episode 2), as if he is born to lead. Ever since he is transformed into Red Turbo, he naturally becomes the leader of the team. When things get tough, the other four rangers will depend on him right away, and they also look up to him.

-) Riki can be stubborn and reckless. Even though he loses the ability to transform, he will still fight until the end, even if it means risking his life (episode 2, episode 15, episode 46).

-) Riki is the captain of the school’s baseball club (episode 3), and he is also the ace pitcher of the team (episode 31).


-) Despite of his bad relationship with Ms. Yamaguchi, Riki still cares about her very much (episode 3, episode 16, episode 36, episode 46) and respects her (episode 12, episode 21). He must have realized that Ms. Yamaguchi is a responsible teacher, and she is just concerned about Riki’s future.

-) Riki has a strong instinct. He is usually the first to know when things go wrong (episode 4, episode 11, episode 14, episode 15, episode 24, episode 30).

-) Riki does not seem to have a girlfriend or love interest yet, but he is definitely interested in dating a girl, as he seems to be jealous when he sees his friend walks away with his girlfriend (episode 6).

-) Riki is nice to everyone. He is even willing to help a total stranger who runs into him by accident (episode 10).


-) Riki is not good at rock-paper-scissors, as he is the last one standing before he faces Haruna (which means, he has been defeated by Daichi, Youhei, and Shunsuke), but he is lucky enough to be able to beat her (episode 11).

-) Riki is kind to girls, starting from his teammate Haruna (episode 12, episode 24), his classmate Tsukikage Sayoko (episode 30, episode 31), Seelon (episode 41, episode 46), his enemy Kirika (episode 47), to his teacher Ms. Yamaguchi (episode 51). However, he will not hesitate to attack girls either if they hurt his comrades. For example, he throws a stick to Yamaguchi Mika when he sees that Mika is attacking Haruna (episode 36).


-) Riki may not be smart as a student, but he catches on the situation very quickly (episode 13, episode 15).

-) Riki may be a leader, but he will not always take the lead role. Rather, he will give his friends the opportunity to clean up their mess themselves (episode 14, episode 17, episode 45).

-) Riki is more interested in food than girls, or he is just plain hungry (episode 23), because in the end, he seems to be thrilled when he gets a kiss from one of the hula girls.

-) Unlike Youhei, Riki believes that dogs can understand people, as he asks the puppy Haruna saved to lead him and his friends to Haruna (episode 24).

-) Riki will not hesitate to risk his life to save those who are important to him (episode 25, episode 46).



-) Riki may not be as popular as Youhei when it comes to girls, but he is still quite popular, and Tsukikage Sayoko adores him very much (episode 31). He is also the one who gets chosen to play the role of “Prince Charming” instead of Youhei (episode 30).


-) Riki seems to believe that heart overcomes power (episode 45). It is not necessarily the strong who wins. Rather, those who fight for the ones they love are more powerful.

That is all for today. If I miss anything, I will update the article in the future. Thank you for visiting this blog, and see you next time!

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Turboranger’s Family – Yamagata Daichi

Hi, everyone. Here you go, we have finally reached the end of our long “Turboranger’s Family” series. This time, we are going to talk about Daichi’s family. If you want to read about the other rangers’ family, you can click here: Riki’s, Youhei’s, Shunsuke’s, Haruna’s.

To be honest, I have a hard time guessing what kind of family Daichi has. We do not get a lot of details of Daichi’s life throughout the series, other than he is a good runner, a loyal friend, and a calm man. Based on these personalities, I am going to guess that Daichi still has both parents alive, but whether or not he lives with them, we do not know. Even if he lives with them, I have a feeling that his parents are very busy that they cannot spend enough time with Daichi. Here is why:

-) Daichi is incredibly calm, cool, and collected. Among the five rangers, he is probably the coolest one. He does not talk much, but he is very honest and straightforward (episode 13). With this personality, we can assume that Daichi does not interact much with his parents. Usually, when a child is close to his parents, he will become somewhat talkative and active. It must have been because his parents did not spend time with Daichi that Daichi became calm and quiet. Either that or he spends time with his family, but his family is quiet by nature, so even when they have dinner together, they do not talk much with each other.

-) Daichi is the only one who does not bring a bento box when he and his friends go to run (episode 4). Well, he probably brings it and puts it somewhere, but since the bento box is not shown, we cannot tell for sure if he really does bring a bento box. He might just bring some bread with him or a store-bought bento box. Even if he does bring a bento box, Daichi is very mature, so it is not impossible for him to fix his own bento. Which means, there is a possibility that he lives on his own, or his parents are busy that they cannot prepare him his lunch.


Concerning siblings, I am going to guess that Daichi is either the only child, or he is the youngest, and if he is the youngest, I am going to guess that the older sibling is an older sister. If he had brothers, again, he would not have been this quiet and calm. It is probably because his sibling is the opposite gender that he does not have a chance to talk much. Moreover, since Daichi is a senior in high school now, his older sibling must be either a college student, a graduate, a full-time employee, or a newly wed. Whichever it is, however, they must be very busy to play or interact with Daichi anymore, which is why Daichi prefers to spend time with his fellow rangers instead.




That is all for now. I am so glad that I can finish this article until the end. The next time I write an article, it is going to be a different subject, so please look forward to it. See you again!

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Turboranger’s Family – Hino Shunsuke

Hi, everyone. Here is yet another sequel to the “Turboranger’s Family” series. This time, we are going to talk about Shunsuke’s family. Thus far, I have written about Riki’s, Youhei’s, and Haruna’s, so you can check them out.

Anyway, let us talk about Shunsuke’s parents first. If I have to guess, I will say that Shunsuke still has both of his parents, and he actually lives with them. Here is why:

-) Shunsuke is a happy child. He is fun, active, and childish (episode 23, episode 37). This shows that he has a happy family. If his family was separated or problematic, I doubt that he would be this cheerful and fun. After his little brother passed away, he must have gotten all the attention, which explains why he is still acting like a child, despite of his age.


-) Shunsuke is poor economically. When he buys a new flute for Yumi, he mentions that everyone has a share in buying the flute (episode 8). It is to be expected, however, because Shunsuke is Yellow Turbo and a senior in high school, so he fights almost all the time and studies for his finals. I do not think that he has a spare time to work at all. Having said that, it is obvious that he still lives with his parents, if not guardians. If he is too poor to buy a flute for a girl he adores, how is he going to support himself? For this reason, it is most likely that Shunsuke still lives with his parents.


-) Shunsuke is also seen eating from his bento box with his friends (episode 4). Even though he is not as lazy as Riki, it is still difficult to imagine that Shunsuke will wake up in the morning just to fix himself some bento. Therefore, we can assume that it is his mother who prepares him lunch.

Concerning siblings, it is obvious that Shunsuke had a little brother named Shunji until three years ago, when his brother passed away (episode 18). Judging from how close he was with his little brother, we can say that they only had each other, which means, Shunsuke did not have any other sibling. After his little brother died, he became the only child, which explains why he was spoiled by his parents.


The fact that he is very close with Youhei (for more information, you can read this article) also proves that he does not have any other sibling. He must have enjoyed having Youhei as company and “brother-from-another-mother.” Shunsuke also loves children (episode 14, episode 35, episode 40). This must be because he is the only child now, and he misses those moments he had spent together with his little brother. Hanging out with children may have helped Shunsuke keep his memory with his late brother alive.

That is all for now. After this, we only have Daichi left, and after that, I am going to have to think about another theme and article. Until then, thank you for visiting this blog.

Picture Credits: Kamen Yaiba’s Tokusatsu Blog.